There’s a Human Behind the Athlete

The recognition, the fame, the million-pound contracts. There is a lot to be desired when it comes to athletes. From their lifestyles, to their social lives, team and solo-sport athletes are put on a pedestal.

A pedestal that works both for and against the athlete. A good example is the recent loss that British boxer Anthony Joshua experienced on September 25th. He lost his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO belts to Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk. The second defeat of his career (a career that has had 22 KO’s might I add) but what amazed me was the reaction of the public. the same set of individuals that are usually looking up to Joshua, puppy dog eyes and all.

The turn of feelings towards the boxer was a surprise, what was once love and best wishes. Suddenly changed to hate, ridicule and resentment.

This is why I say, to be in the public eye in any way shape or form. You need to be thick-skinned and to be sure of yourself and your skills/abilities. For the fact that, companionship, fan love and positive attention can all disappear in a blink of an eye.

As one of the best super villains ever created once said…

“The one thing they love more than a hero, is to see a hero fail”

Green gOBLIN,

The masses are quick to turn their back on an individual they once praised and it’s confusing. Maybe because of the pedestal we put them on, we forget that they are just human beings. The same as you and I, and human beings make mistakes. There are bumps in the road during every individuals journey.

There has been a significant push recently concerning mental health in sport. From the situation surrounding the EURO’s 2020 Final and the recent adopting of dissertation-esque apologies that athletes are composing on social media now. It feels like athletes are afraid of making mistakes, or being anything less than perfect, in fear of being the brunt of serious online backlash.

An athlete shouldn’t be judged or ridiculed for the mistakes they make, but rather judged in how they pick themselves up and recover from said mistakes. That shows you the type of character and personality an individual has.

And remember, there is a human being behind the athlete.



The renowned Met-Gala was held yesterday at the usual venue. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City. Held at this venue every year (but usually during Spring) the Met-Gala is a benefit/charity event of sorts that is held to raise funds and awareness for the very same Metropolitan Museum.

The event is also infamous for the elaborate and outlandish costumes that celebrities wear. Over the past couple of years it seems the more eccentric, the better. The last Met-Gala that remotely made any sense to me was the 2018 “Heavenly Bodies”. The costumes were relatively unconventional, but in terms of the dress code. Everyone seemed to come with their A-game.

A reoccurring attendee and fashion icon, Rihanna arrived at the 2018 Met-Gala fashionably late, and with good reason. Her outfit was exceptional, to be expected from the Bajan born entrepreneur. Alongside American singer, Katy Perry. Whom took the dress code very seriously and brought out the feathered angel wings. It was pretty impressive.

This year on the other hand… like 2019 and 2020. Didn’t live up to the 2018 Met-Gala. With this year’s dress code being “American Fashion” I was expecting the majority, if not everyone to come correct… oh boy was I wrong. Only a select few knew the assignment. A few that included the beautiful Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey. Her outfit was simple, yet effective.

Everything else was either too much, or not enough.

I was taken aback that no one thought to pay homage to former DipSet rapper Cam’ron and his legendary and famous all pink fur fit. If that isn’t classed as American fashion, I’m not sure what is.

Says the man with little to no high-end fashion sense, but nonetheless, I wasn’t impressed. Neither was I amused.

I mean, Frank Ocean turned up holding Maggie Simpson. What was all that about? Frank Ocean is known for his nonchalant and sometimes bizarre behaviour. Traits that ironically fit the Met-Gala’s agenda, however, in this case. He got it wrong, what was he trying to achieve?

What is the Met-Gala set out to achieve? I’m aware that it is a benefit event to help raise money, so in essence, it’s for a good cause. However, ponder on it for a minute, is this not just rich people giving money to the rich?

A ruse, or excuse for the extravagant to dress up, showcase their wealth. And to do the occasional bump of bugger sugar in their respective restrooms. Pardon my facetious take on the matter, but that is simply how I feel.

And on that note, who is looking forward to Met-Gala 2022?!


To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

That IS the question…

Millions have been injected twice with the Pfizer formula and a lot more are queuing around the country, for their dose.

The majority of society started off hesitant if not extremely against the vaccine in its early days, but that feels like a distant memory. Initial anger tantrums have lessened, outrage and outburst have somewhat been quenched and most recently, freedom has been threatened.

After Freedom Day (July 19th) the government made it public knowledge that club entry will be dependent on whether you have been vaccinated or not. A clear attempt to persuade the younger demographic to take the vaccine. There has also been continuous rumors’ and talks of “COVID Passports” becoming a thing, which will make international travel almost impossible for someone that hasn’t taken the vaccine.

I’ve never seen such tenacity and perseverance from the government before, especially since trials for the vaccine won’t be complete till 2023. Medical officials still aren’t even 99.8% sure of how the vaccine will affect someone or if it will even work. The reason why trials are put in place, if you thinking about it. Millions of people are lab rats, test subject, subjected to taking the vaccine before it is 100% ready.

I understand the urgency and importance of the vaccine, so I don’t judge anyone that has taken it. However, I’m opting on waiting till 2023, before I even consider taking the vaccine. But that is my personal opinion, one that I am entitled to, the same as you reading this now.


That’s my answer to the question