Wizkid: Made In Lagos

We finally have Wizkid’s LP: Made In Lagos! Intially scheduled to be released on the 15th of October, Wizkid decided to postpone out of respect of current political tensions in Nigeria and the resulting protests.

I respect that, I believe that was the right thing to do. The world didn’t need the distraction of a Wizkid album during that time. And although tension are still high in Nigeria. Mr Balogun could only postpone his album for so long.

“It has been beautiful to see Nigerians around the world, coming together to protest against police brutality. Unity is key…”

Ayodeji Balogun (Wizkid)

Wizkid has been on the music scene for what feels like a lifetime. It’s great to say that I’ve been a fan from the beginning. The journey from Holla At Your Boy to now has been a spectacle. We have all watched Wizkid grow, not only as a muscian, but also as a human being. Made in Lagos is evident of that, I’ll be honest. I have never enjoyed an album from Wizkid as much as I enjoy this one. I have always leaned towards singles when it comes to Mr. Balogun, as I always tend to connect with a few tracks (excluding Superstar, that will always hold some sentimental value. A classic) on his albums.

The ratio of liked to skipped songs have never been in his favour when it came to albums. Maybe it was down to me not being in the right state of mind whilst listening. And I’m the sort of indiviidual that doesnt go back to visit a song if my first impression isnt great.

Or… maybe I havent been truly listening to music all this time. (maybe I should go back and re-vist some of his discography) and this project has been digested with fresh ears and perspective. The project is warm, cohesive and simply brimming with good vibes. It is clear to see that Wizkid is in a good place in his life.

Features from H.E.R. Damien Marley, Burna Boy, Skepta (and others) was always going to be a recipe for greatness. That was never in doubt. Skepta and Wizkid have continued to showcase their collaborative chemistry in music. It was evident in the outcome of the song Longtime. The track has serious playback value and wouldn’t be out of place on any playlist.

Back to past Wizkid albums not having a good ratio of liked to skipped songs. Made In Lagos has ended this pattern for me. This project definetely makes it into my “No Skip Albums” list. From the intro Reckless through to the outro Grace was sensational.

I can only commend and thank Wizkid on/for this project. Highly recommeded from me, check out Made In Lagos. Available now on all DSP’s!


The song for today is: Wizkid – Blessed ft. Damien Marley

P.S. I dont usually do this, but an honourary addition. Simply because of the presence of the saxophone and my love of the instrument is:

Reckless – Wizkid


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