Set Your Own Pace

One thing I have noticed is that – sometimes we find ourselves being manipulated or influenced by the changes to our surroundings. Something that psychologists refer to as entrainment

The bio-musicological sense refers to the synchronization of organisms to an external perceived rhythm such as human music and dance. Humans are the only species for which all individuals experience entrainment”.

In laymen terms, entrainment is the process of changing your pace to match the pace of your environment. A good example is when I came back to London on a number of occasions. Although I grew up in the capital, and was accustomed to the accelerated pace that came with living in the city.

My years away, living in Kent changed that. My pace changed, thanks to entrainment and it’s a pace that I prefer. The pace of an town dweller (Ashford) is significantly better for me. As you could imagine, the pace came as a shock when I took the train and tube in London. I forgot just how fast people walked, talked and even ate. But because that was the pace of my surroundings, I followed suit.

Involuntary of course, I wasn’t even aware of the change until I returned to Ashford and was met with my usual pace. That, among other factors is what has promoted this message.

Anyway, enough of the mini-story. The moral of the story and this post is that we shouldn’t be so easily influenced or manipulated by our surroundings. Set your own pace, a pace that is comfortable and beneficial for YOU.


The song for today is: Che Lingo – Screw Face


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