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Omah Lay – What Have We Done EP

I love discovering new artists via DSP’s, delving deeper into the figurative cake that is music. Cutting through the “mainstream” layer and giving names I have never come across a chance to impress me.

My love of doing this was what brought myself and Omah Lay’s music together. Although I have minimum information of the man himself, it doesn’t seem to bother me. His music seems to have satisfied my curiosity. I can somewhat grasp the kind of person he is through the music he creates.

The first Omah Lay song I listened to was “Damn”. There are some songs that you just connect with and instantly know will enjoy. The definitive decision usually takes around 2-5 to be made, “Damn” was one of these songs.

In terms of style and delivery, I won’t do the man the disservice of comparing him to another artist(s) so early in his rise to prominence, but he reminds me of a certain star and a fellow countryman.

Moreover, I am yet to determine or pinpoint what genre Omah Lay belongs to. His sound is free-flowing and doesn’t seem to be under just one. He’s sound is a fusion of two or more genres. Something that isn’t new, granted. But Omah’s take on it most certainly is. “What Have We Done” is evident of this, Apple Music have classed the EP as RnB/Soul. Which when you come to think of it, isn’t far fetched. There is an Rhythm and Blues sound to the project, and the artists sound as a whole.

“Bebe” starts the project off with some Afrocentric drums and flow. The intro, more often than not sets the tone for the rest of a album or EP. So it would be logical to think that the project would be afrobeat-esque.

But that isn’t the case.

“Can’t Relate” begins the subtle transition from the standard afrobeat sound we have become accustomed to. To the niche of a genre that Omah finds himself in. In all honesty, I don’t remember being this excited about the potential of an African artist this much. Since Wizkid & “Pakurumo” (honorary mention to “Holla At Your Boy” )

Big shoes to fill and a bold statement for me to make, considering the musical colossus that Wizkid now is, but that just shows the impression that Omah Lay has made on me with his music. I wish the EP had lasted longer than a mere 14 minutes, however EP’s aren’t normally longer than 15-20 minutes and I appreciate quality over quantity.

At the moment, my favourite song on the EP is “Bebe”. Closely followed by the obvious choice of “Damn ft 6LACK”. A collaboration that surprised me when it was released as a single. But one that compliments both artists, the fact that 6LACK is one of my favourite artists. Only makes me value Omah and his music all the more. Like-minded artists normally work together, be it on an original song or for a remix.

All that is left to say now is: OMAH LAY… the ball is in your court.


The song for today is: Omah Lay – Bebe


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