In A Bit of a Pickle

The sun is shining a lot more & the government has shared its “roadmap” out of the current national lockdown. Things are starting to look much more positive than they were at the beginning of 2021.

A step-by-step plan was made that will hopefully lead to the loosening of social distancing measures by June 21st. I have mixed feelings on the matter. I’m happy that things are starting to go back to “normal”. But, I’m also not satisfied with my current position in life. I was hoping to have found a new job by the time restrictions were lifted and, in turn, avoid having to go back to the part-time job that I had during my time at university.

But as you may know, job hunting is difficult at the best of times. Now when it’s paired with recent recessions, redundancies and, the event of a virus putting the entire world at a standstill has made it all the more challenging. I’m aware of not giving up but persevering when applying for jobs but, I’m beginning to get tired of all the “unfortunately” emails and some cases, instant dismissal without any response.

Digital marketing is the career path I’d like to take. It is a broad industry, which is beneficial because it gives me a variety of job choice. The issue isn’t the absence of job roles or vacancies but my inability (or bad luck) to land one. Entry roles, on average, require applicants to have 2+ years of experience. Something I find unfair and unrealistic, doesn’t that defeat the meaning and purpose of an entry-level job?

I seem to be having no luck on my hunt for a career change. Either the listing is too far away (one of the disadvantages of living in Kent) or, the company finds someone “better suited to the role”. Graduate roles don’t fill me up with confidence either, but that could be because of the level of competition for the position.

It looks as if I’m in a bit of a pickle here. Life has thrown many uncomfortable and challenging things and situations at me for as long as I can remember. The same with everyone else, but I’m talking about me here. I mean, this IS my website. What did you expect?

I may to moan and kick my toys out of the pram, but of course, I’ll continue to search and apply for roles. 100 no’s and one yes, ay? The goal is to land a job before I’m needed back at my part-time job, but if things don’t go as planned…

I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.


The song for today is: Ok – Kirk Franklin


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