Saka Gets The Keys to Ealing

If recent news is to be believed, Arsenal and England international Bukayo Saka is set to receive the keys to his hometown of Ealing. At 19 years of age Saka will be the youngest to ever be presented with the honor.

This is great news for Saka and his family, however…

I mean you didn’t expect me to write this piece without being cynical, did you? Especially taking the past week Bukayo had into consideration.

Bukayo Saka is being presented with this reward/honor because of his efforts during the Euro’s which significantly contributed to England’s road to the final. But is that really the reason?

Bukayo Saks deserves this recognition, no doubt about it. But are the intentions of the parties awarding him with the keys genuine, is it coming from a good place?

Or, are the motives more sinister than most think. Is it another case of a symbolic gesture used to soothe the scars of an individual(s) that has been attacked wrongfully and severely.

Sadly, this reminds me of an incident in America. In which “Black Lives Matter” was painted across a street in DC. A statement that at the time was accepted and applauded. But in hindsight, was an empty gesture.

An Asian Hate Crime Bill (don’t quote me on the name) has been passed by President Joe Biden in a matter of weeks. But hate crimes bills in favour of Africans and African-Americans are yet to be.

MP’s in Britain are quick to belittle and dismiss institutional and systematic racism. Along with any kind of movement to try and raise awareness about it. But apparently find it difficult to feed those in need & properly fund/ and or support our healthcare service and it’s workers.

Nuts if you ask me, but it gets me thinking… could this be another case of “shhh shhh, look at this and forget about the disrespect and discrimination you’ve experienced”.

Albeit, congratulations to Bukayo Saka, as an Arsenal fan and a fellow black man. I’m proud of what this young man has and will achieve.



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