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Dave: We’re All Alone In This Together

Before I begin, I’d like to drop a disclaimer. I’m by no means a music journalist, nor do I have the experience or insight to be able to try and pass as one (yet). I’m just a man, sharing his thoughts on something that he enjoys.

Now that’s done…

Dave has been on the scene for a minute now, his age doesn’t seem to tell the same story, but that is what happens when an individual starts off so young. I still fondly remember his BlackBox, 16 years old (I might be off with the age, so don’t quote me on that) with so much potential and lyrical flair. I went back to watch some reaction videos of that freestyle, in anticipation of his second studio album.

I mean, the talent is there for all to see, the guy has been blessed with quick wits and most importantly, musical ability. Being able to play arguably one of the most difficult instruments (the piano) only adds to his prestige.

Although Dave has heaps of talent, I haven’t always been a fan of the music he makes. I appreciate his insight and cultural awareness, also, how he utilizes those skills to create thought-provoking music. Psychodrama was evident of this. However, because it was thought-provoking, I feel you had to be in a certain mood or frame of mind to listen, digest and enjoy his first album.

It wasn’t something you could just use as background noise.

In WAAITT, the first track was of the same ilk, but the cadence was different. “We’re All Alone” is definitely something I’d play as background noise (funnily enough, I’m listening to it right now). It was a great way to kick off his album.

The second track on the album, “Clash” although it caused some “external issues” and provoked certain parties, we can’t take anything away from the song. Away from the drama, it was an experience to listen to. The same goes for the musical video too, Clash is the kind of music that I’d like to see more from Dave.

It’s great that Dave comes across as humble and profound and most of the time, very mature for his age. But, sometimes it’s okay to flex and show all that will look what you have and what you’re capable of. And that is exactly what Clash is, a big, fat, FLEX.

I’m so close to my pension, my left wrist is 61…. my left wrist retiring

Dave – Clash (2021)

Is there anything more to say after that?

Sometimes having more than two artists on a track doesn’t sit well with me, there’s to many voices, too much to focus on and digest. However, “In the Fire” is great, the cameos from Fredo, Ghetts, Giggs and Meekz was duly appreciated and enjoyed. Everyone came prepared and it made for a great 7 minutes of music.

On to a big feature for Dave, Wizkid made an appearance on the album in “System”. I mean, it was bound to happen, two Nigerians in the music industry, one a veteran, the other still on the come-up. It was inevitable, as was me loving the track, Wizkid can do no wrong in my eyes. Dave did well on the track too, replay value is there. Something I don’t usually get from Dave and his music. I can see myself listening to this in the sun with a drink in my hand and a lovely lady beside me. It’s definitely a summer-influenced track.

Another feature that I loved was Snoh Aalegra, it came as a surprise when Snoh and Dave revealed their collaboration. Mainly because I wasn’t sure how it would sound, they have almost polar opposite sounds. However, Snoh set the tone and Dave followed suit

I put your name on a necklace, that’s a chain reaction

Dave, Law of Attraction (2021)


As a whole, the album was a melodic journey and showed more than one side of Dave. His versatility shined through on this project and what more is there to say other than “the only way is up from here”



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