To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate?

That IS the question…

Millions have been injected twice with the Pfizer formula and a lot more are queuing around the country, for their dose.

The majority of society started off hesitant if not extremely against the vaccine in its early days, but that feels like a distant memory. Initial anger tantrums have lessened, outrage and outburst have somewhat been quenched and most recently, freedom has been threatened.

After Freedom Day (July 19th) the government made it public knowledge that club entry will be dependent on whether you have been vaccinated or not. A clear attempt to persuade the younger demographic to take the vaccine. There has also been continuous rumors’ and talks of “COVID Passports” becoming a thing, which will make international travel almost impossible for someone that hasn’t taken the vaccine.

I’ve never seen such tenacity and perseverance from the government before, especially since trials for the vaccine won’t be complete till 2023. Medical officials still aren’t even 99.8% sure of how the vaccine will affect someone or if it will even work. The reason why trials are put in place, if you thinking about it. Millions of people are lab rats, test subject, subjected to taking the vaccine before it is 100% ready.

I understand the urgency and importance of the vaccine, so I don’t judge anyone that has taken it. However, I’m opting on waiting till 2023, before I even consider taking the vaccine. But that is my personal opinion, one that I am entitled to, the same as you reading this now.


That’s my answer to the question



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