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Where Are My Keys?!

Reported car theft cases have increased expeditiously during the last couple of years. For reasons unknown, cases shot up post lockdown. I believe the increase in unemployment played a part.

Not to give the criminals an excuse, but most actions aren’t done without reason or a reason.

Range Rover seem to be the most targeted brand of automobile, when it comes to grand theft auto. I believe this is down to its signal based unlocking feature. Like many other brands, Range Rover uses signals to determine when a key to the car is present, allowing an individual to simply open the door without having to use the a key to physically unlock the door.

Although this is very convenient, it has also awarded criminals the ability to duplicate key signals. By using a scanner of some sort while walking past the home of the owner of the targeted car, in hopes of the scanner picking up the signal of the keys and then if successful downloading it onto a blank key.

This then allows them to simply walk up to the car, open the door and drive away. With the rightful owner, none the wiser.

I live in a relatively newly built area in Ashford Kent, so of course it would eventually pop up on the radar of those in the car theft and general theft business. Fortunately, the estate (can you call it an estate, the group of homes in the area sha) are apart of the “Neighbourhood Watch” network and we are all active and a quite tightly-knitted community.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t completely stopped theft from occurring. There have been two cases in the last week or so in my area (1 Range and 1 Ford Fiesta)

My parents are very vigilant when it comes to watching out for themselves and their neighbours. The fact that our home has been fitted with multiple cameras and a Ring Doorbell (Ring). This plays a major part in deterring criminals from scoping your home.

The CCTV, alarm system that my parents and many of our neighbours use/have is Verisure and as I mentioned earlier, Ring.

Additionally, investing in a signal blocker box. This stops the signal of your keys and any electronic device from emitting signal. Making it very difficult for criminals to duplicate your key. I’ve added a link here for anyone that would be interested in making such an investment.

This is of course not a guaranteed solution. but rather a great start in the journey to deterring criminals from your home.

Stay safe



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