Does Death Scare You?

I know… talking about death is never a comfortable conversation. However, it is one of, if not the only certainty we have in life. Therefore, I believe talking about it should be done more often.

Majority of the people reading this are still relatively young. Death isn’t on your mind, its not the forefront of your thoughts. But we all know that our time to leave planet Earth will come. As crude as it is to say, all of our days here are numbered.

According to Athenian philosopher Epicurus, death shouldn’t be something to fear. In fact, the man doubled down and stated that being afraid of death was illogical.

“Death is annihilation. When something dies, it is annihilated. If death is annihilation, then it is nothing to us. The living have not yet been annihilated”

Epicurus believed that death doesn’t and couldn’t affect the living (direct effect, mourning etc isn’t relevant in this case). Therefore, death was not something to be feared. He believed that because death was annihilation, even when death occurred, we wouldn’t be alive to experience it. So the concept of death was nothing to be feared in his opinion.

Now, I’ll go out on a limb and say that Epicurus wasn’t a religious man. Simply from his words and teachings, I may be wrong, but for this arguments sake. Lets say that Epicurus is an atheist. Now, to an atheist the concept of death and the fear of it being illogical would sound logical. However, for a religious individual (like myself) that believe in life after death. Heaven and hell, demons and angels. Epicurus’ explanation doesn’t quite satisfy my thought process.

If there is in fact life after death (I believe there is) then according to Epicurus’ we will experience annihilation and all the consequences/rewards that come with it.

And this brings me to my main thought: Is death something that is only feared by those with religious beliefs? Atheists, having no religious beliefs and believing that death is the ultimate end. I would’ve thought that would be somewhat of a comfort as opposed to the pressure of making heaven or the possibility of hell.

But on the contrary; reading, watching movies and simply living life. Has taught me that it is the religious individuals that seem to have the comfort and the atheists that bear the anguish. For example, take your standard megalomaniac in a movie. Hell bent on finding immortality by any means possible. Now think back… has that maniac ever been religious?

This leads me to believe that their desire for immortality is fueled simply by their fear of mortality. Their limited time in which they inhabit their flesh.

But what do you guys think?

Is death scarier for an atheist or a religious person that believes in life after death?


The song for today is: The Kid Laroi – Pikachu

Meditation… Is it Worth it?

I never thought I’d be saying this, but… I’ve started to meditate. I remember sneering and sniggering at people that mentioned taking part in such activities in the past. Referring to the practice as a waste of time and effort.

Well… look at me now.

Surprisingly, after a couple 20-30 minute sessions. I can notice a difference. I’m less inclined to rush through things, as I tend to do. Although, I do still fall back into my old habits, the fact I can identify a change is a good start.

But, what exactly is meditation?

Meditation is basically training in awareness and attaining a healthy sense of perspective.

Now, you could mediate for a handful of reasons: confidence, fear, anxiety etc. Meditation isn’t about trying to get rid of feelings, like the ones I mentioned. But rather about learning how observe these feelings without judgment. Learning how to better understand them in the process.

For myself, as I mentioned earlier. I started to meditate because of my tendency to rush and my stutter. As you could imagine, rushing and stuttering are two things that shouldn’t be put together.

So, I have taken it upon myself to try & slow myself down, in terms of my demeanour. And meditation is the route I have decided to take in search of answers.

Practice makes perfect and I’m eager to see if it’ll make a significant difference or not. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Lastly, whilst doing the standard research one does before trying something out. I found out some interesting effects/ facts about meditation and thought I’d share them:

1. Meditation can improve memory

2. Meditation can help reduce blood pressure

3. The brain functions better with meditation

4. Meditations can be the catalyst in overcoming addictions

5. Regular meditation leads to neuro-plasticity in the brain

Be Yourself

If you follow my socials, you’ve probably seen or heard me talk about originality and not being afraid to be you.

I stan the whole “be yourself” movement. Sayings such as “fake it till you make it” do hold some truth to it. But, the emotional & physical toll that “pretending” takes on the body will surprise you.

Will Smith was on the Breakfast Club the other day, accompanied by Martin Lawrence. Promoting the third (hopefully final) instalment of the Bad Boys franchise.

Will went on to mention how his role of “The Fresh Prince” helped him kick start his acting career. However, it also restricted him from being able to truly being himself in the eyes of the media. Everyone see’s Will Smith as Will Smith (you get what I mean).

It’s similar with Disney stars. During my time growing up. It was Raven Simone, Hillary Duff, Dylan and Cole Sprouse etc.

Even though we knew they were acting, the role they played became how we saw them as individuals. Seeing them any other way was odd.

Anyway, moving on. I feel like I’m going off on a tangent.

Social media has played an enormous role in conditioning people to behave a certain way. What we need to understand, is that we all can’t be the same kind of person. We’re not robots.

You know what I’m taking about?… so many people are acting the same, dressing the same, even talking the same way.

And anyone brave enough to just be themselves are sneered at or made fun of.

Isn’t that a shame?

Granted, in some situations it’s not advisable to be 100% yourself. For example, during an interview or at the work place. I don’t agree with this but I understand it.

Especially if you’re a POC outside of Africa. You’re an ambassador for your people every time you step out of your house.

However, outside of that. Think about it… are your decisions and actions your own? Or have they been influenced heavily by things around you?

Is how you portray yourself when you leave the house or when you’re online really the way you are behind closed doors?

You’ll be surprised how many more genuine connections you’ll create when you’re being yourself. Most of the time, people can tell when you’re being fake.

It’s a deterrent.

Originality is a breath of fresh air in a society where we’re all wearing face masks.

Be a breath of fresh air. Be yourself.