Lucky Daye: Table For Two

Lucky Daye should be a name that we are familiar with so introductions and pleasantries are things of the past. But before I delve in, I would like to wish everyone a happy belated Valentines Day. Current situations made the holiday harder to celebrate, but I hope we all still had a special day.

If by chance you didn’t enjoy your Valentines Day then I’m sure this EP, courtesy of David Debrandon Brown will help lighten the mood and alleviate stress. Titled Table For Two, the EP dropped just in time for Valentines Day (February 12th) and fits in well with the romantic holiday.

Each song has a feature and each feature is a woman, seems like an unintended occurrence? It isn’t, Lucky Daye wanted to show respect to some of the women currently operating in his genre of music.

“R&B itself is never going to die, and I wanted to shine a light on women because I feel it’s time”.

Lucky Daye during Apple Music interview.

Tiana Major9YebbaMahaliaAri LennoxQueen Naija and Joyce Wrice are the women feature on the Table for Two EP. As I mentioned earlier, the project fits in well with the holiday. It takes you through the highs and lows associated with love and being in love. 

Of course, being a sucker for romance and intimacy, it was always going to be a hit with me. However, that takes nothing away from the talents of Lucky Daye and the women that featured. 

Whenever Ari Lennox is on a track, you’re in for not only performance but also an experience and “Access Denied” is evidence of that. It was nice to see British artists Mahalia and Tiana Major9 making it on to the EP, showing just how far British R&B has come over the last decade. We have some real talents at the moment. 

However, the best track for me is the last track on the EP “Falling in Love” featuring Joyce Wrice, they seem to have great chemistry on the song, I’m not sure if they recorded together or separately but it was a pleasure to listen to nonetheless. Furthermore, the beat and the vibe of the record took me back to Lucky Daye’s previous hit “Roll Some Mo” and the Painted album in its entirety. 

Hopefully, this isn’t the only body of work that Lucky Daye is planning on releasing this year. 7 tracks, no matter how good they are, won’t cut it for me. Sorry to be such a glutton for music, but when it’s as good as this, I got to binge.


The song for today is: Falling in Love ft. Joyce Wrice – Lucky Daye


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