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Samm Henshaw – Untidy Soul

Hello stranger, the girl’s in danger. But you won’t fight hard enough to save her

Samm Henshaw – Thoughts and Prayers

The “girl” in Thoughts and Prayers can be interpreted in the literal sense or metaphorically. Either way, the song is invoking, melodic and a great start to the new album that was recently unveiled to us by British singer and songwriter Samm Henshaw.

Funnily enough, I was introduced to Samm during the lockdown in 2020, and not in the way you’d think. I wasn’t listening to music, but rather binging on Amazon Prime series’. That was when I came across Mr Henshaw’s “The World is Mine” courtesy of Amazon Prime original series Alex Rider.

The opening theme was the mentioned song. Its beat and rhythm caught me by surprise. Especially coming from a spy drama such as Alex Rider an unorthodox song choice, in my opinion. Shoutout to the music guy, or woman. I enjoyed it so much that I never skipped the opening of each episode during my season binge.

With me being… well me. This interest took me to Google and Apple Music. Google to find out the name of the artist that had me sitting through the same opening scene of a series. Then to Apple Music to see what other pieces of music he had to offer.

This was how I was introduced to other hit single’s “Church” ft Earthgang and the later introduced “Still Broke” ft. Keyon Harrold. I like to say that if I can find at least three songs that I can really connect with. Then said artist is added to my list of “keep tabs on this individual”.

I resonate with Samm Henshaw’s sound significantly. He has a mixture of Motown-esque grit, partnered with a church choir influenced melody. Not to toot my own horn here. But I Iater found out that he pays homage to his church background when talking about his sound.

Of course Samm is Nigerian, whenever a musician is this fly and African. That’s usually the case. Born to Nigerian parents in South London, I can relate to him even more. Also growing up in South London. The guy was ticking all the boxes, in terms of being a potential “permanent stay” in my playlists and casual listening sessions.

Untidy Soul, has all but confirmed and cemented that position. This guy’s sound is the sound I look for!

For example, the track “Chicken Wings” would come across corny at a glance. But… I love it, is that immature? I mean, I definitely love chicken wings and I love Samm’s sound. So I thought, why not give it a chance?

I’m glad I did

Samm is a generous man, who else do you know out there allowing thier listners waterbreaks mid album listen!? Absoloute class if you ask me.

I feel like past events, COVID-19, the lockdown, increased cost of living etc. Has been serious challenge, more to some than others. But as they say, pressure makes diamonds, and I feel all the hardship as made us stronger. Significant growth has happen between late 2019 and today.

This is why I connected with this song alot too. At a surface level, the song is obviously talking about love. However, if you think about it, it’s more than that.

Here’s “Grow”.

On another note, it sucked to find out that he had a London show last week. Not only was it great (a consensus I gather from multiple comments of people via social media) but he performed “How Great is Our God” at the end… gutted.

I would’ve preferred to have gone to that, instead of seeing Snoh in Brixton. (Still love you Snoh).

It would only be a proverbial cherry on top of the already colossal Victorian sponge cake. If Samm was an active Christian. It might push him up to fan territory in my books. He ended with a “tear-jerker” at this London show, as some on social media said. He ended his album in similar fashion too with “Joy”


Looking forward to whatever is next from Samm Henshaw, I’ll have Untidy Soul on repeat while I wait.



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